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Community Involvement

Polish Village Bread Community Involvement 1In Poland, bread is one of the staples of life, and forms an important part of any family meal, in much the same way as the local bakery has, for many centuries, been at the heart of any village or town centre. Bread is so important to the Polish people that it is traditionally offered to newly-wed couples by the bride’s parents as a symbolic gesture of greeting and welcome at wedding celebrations.

Family men with a strong sense of community who are proud of their Polish roots and grateful for their commercial success, both Robert and Piotr feel that it is important to give something back. In this spirit, the Polish Village Bakery regularly donates to several local charities, including an orphanage based in London that helps to care for and re-home children affected by family breakdown, poverty, social problems and the difficulties associated with immigration.

The Bakery also considers itself to be an ambassador of Polish culture here in the UK. As such, the company regularly sponsors a number of Polish cultural events held at various centres in the UK throughout the year. As well as their involvement in a number of theatre, film, and music festivals, they also regularly participate in Polish festivals such as Goniec Polish Festival, an annual family event held in Ealing, which is home to the largest Polish community in London. Now an important part of the Ealing cultural calendar, the festival aims to promote Polish culture and businesses, as well as foster greater inter-cultural integration between the different communities in west London.

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