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Bread has a long tradition in Poland that dates back centuries. Research shows that over 96% of Polish households buy bread on a daily basis. It is so fundamental to the Polish way of life that it forms a key part of many national celebrations and festivals, including Christmas, harvest time and Easter. It also plays an important role in many Polish weddings, where it is offered to the newlywed couple by the parents of the bride as a gesture of welcome into the family. Traditionally, Poles also mark their freshly baked bread with a ‘cross’ in a homage to the ‘holy cross,’ as a type of blessing.

On the whole, Polish-style bread is characterised by a smooth egg-basted crust and a firm crumb. The staple bread in Poland is a regular wholewheat loaf which sometimes includes a few additions such as fennel, sunflower or poppy seeds. Rye bread is also very popular, mainly because rye is one of the few crops that can be successfully grown across most areas of Poland.

That said, Polish people like to experiment with how they prepare and eat their bread. As a result, the bread in Poland comes in a wide variety of textures and flavours. Some popular types of Polish bread include:

• Sourdough rye bread, which is made using a special sourdough fermentation process that adds a sharp, tangy taste that perfectly complements the otherwise rather bland taste of the rye flour
• Chalka, an egg-rich plaited bread resembling Jewish challah with a texture and colour similar to French brioche that is traditionally served on religious holidays such as Easter and Christmas.

Polish Village Bread Products

When it comes to making bread, we believe in keeping things simple. Our philosophy is that good breadmaking only requires four things: flour, water, salt and yeast. Even the latter is optional – many traditional Polish recipes employ a fermentation process that is set in motion via a sour dough starter instead of using yeast. If you use good quality flour, there is really no need to add preservatives or additives such as artificial colours or flavours, so we choose not to use them.
Call us old-fashioned but we prefer to use only fresh, natural, wholesome ingredients in our Polish Village Bread, which is probably why it remains our most popular product.

We currently make over 30 different varieties of Polish bread in our bakeries. Our most famous bread is Polish Village rye bread. We produce several variations of this traditional sourdough loaf, as well as number of yeast-free speciality loaves. For more information, please see our health bread section.

Our other bread products include:

• Wholemeal bread
• Village bread
• Brown bread
• Poppy seed bread
• Sunflower bread
• Mountain bread
• Premium White bread
• Premium white with sesame seeds
• Premium Sunflower
• Magnus bread
• Traditional round loaf
• Kolodziej bread
• Graham bread
• Granny’s bread
• Sunny bread
• Pur pur
Speciality breads:

• Chalka
• Onion Bread
• Garlic Bread
• Caraway bread
• Lithuanian bread
• Slavic bread