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There is nothing quite like a pastry to brighten up your day. At the Polish Village Bakery, we produce around 20 different kinds of doughnuts and Polish pastries that will tempt even the most restrained of individuals. Our offerings include traditional Polish confectionery like doughnuts and chocolate éclairs, as well as more unusual sweet treats such as our poppy seed and almond; or cheese and cherry pastries.

Doughnuts (or paczki, as they are known in Polish) have a long history in Poland, dating back to Medieval times. Made with a yeasty, bread-like dough, paczki are stuffed with a sweet filling such as jam, chocolate, liqueur or budyn (Polish blancmange pudding) then deep-fried in oil until golden and finally dusted with icing sugar. Delicious! These rounded bundles of joy are generally smaller than their American counterparts and are traditionally eaten at Eastertime. In Poland, they can be found in almost every baker’s shop on Fat Thursday. It has been estimated that Poles consume around 100 million doughnuts on this one religious holiday alone! There is also an old wives tale that says it is very unlucky to eat just one. Naturally, this gives doughnut lovers the perfect excuse to have another!

Our range comprises:

• Polish round doughnuts filled with a choice of custard, chocolate or cheese
• Ring doughnuts in a number of flavours, including custard and Advocat
• Nested doughnuts
• Chocolate éclairs
• Apple turnovers
• Cheese pastry
• Poppy seed pastry
• Blueberry pastry
• Apple pastry
• Strawberry pastry
• Plum pastry
• Cheese/cherry pastry
• Raspberry pastry
• Almond pastry
• Custard pastry
• Custard/cherry pastry
• Pastry with raspberry
We also make more conventional breakfast pastries such as croissants. Please contact us for further details.