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Polish bread rolls are a breakfast staple in Poland where they are often eaten with cold meat or with scrambled or soft boiled eggs. Rolls are also commonly served as a side dish with stews or soups. In the case of Zurek, a well-known Polish soup dish, the bread roll is used as a receptacle to hold the soup itself! Their size means they are ideal for children, picnics and packed lunches, making them both practical and economical.

The most well-known Polish roll is probably the bagel,’ which is thought to originate from the Jewish community in Poland. The word ‘bagel’ comes from the Yiddish word ‘beigen’, which means, ‘to bend’ and may date back to as early as the 1600’s. In Poland, the name for bagel is ‘rogal’, which means ‘little horns.’ This is because unlike the American round bagel, a typical Polish bagel is crescent-shaped, making it ideal for eating with sausages.

At the Polish Village Bakery, we make a selection of bread rolls and breakfast confectionery, including:

• Polish bagels (Rogal)
• Traditional breakfast rolls (Bułka staropolska)
• Traditional breakfast rolls with poppy seeds
• Plaited roll (Warkocz)
• Butter rolls
• Roll Poznanska
• Kajzerka roll
• Seeded roll
• Graham Roll
• Toe roll (Paluch)
• Fitness roll
• Ciabatta
• Ciabatta with chives