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Cream cakes are very popular in Poland. Sernik (or cheesecake) is also commonly served as a dessert in many Polish family households. Made primarily of twaróg, a type of sweet curd cheese with a shortcrust base, Sernik nearly always contains some form of fruit, usually raisins, and can have a crumble-like topping. Usually it is served cold.

Polish poppy seed cake, also known also as poppy seed loaf, is another traditional Polish dessert and is synonymous with Easter. It consists of a yeast cake stuffed with minced poppy seed, raisins, almonds or walnuts. Once baked, it is usually decorated with icing and orange peel. In Poland, the poppy seed pod, with its cornucopia of seeds, has long been considered a symbol of fertility and is associated with the plenty of harvest time. As a result, many Poles believe that eating poppy seed cake at the beginning of the growing season will bring them luck and abundance for the rest of the year.

Another traditional Polish dessert is Karpatka cake, a layered cream layered cake with a sweet vanilla flavour made with light, flaky choux pastry, which derives its name from the unique texture and shape of its topping. When dusted with icing sugar, Karpatka resembles the snow-covered peaks of the Carpathian Mountains, which border onto some of the most scenic regions of Poland.

At the Polish Village Bakery, we make a wide range of cream cakes and dessert cakes – nearly 50 different kinds in all. The list below should give you an idea of some of the desserts and cream cakes that we produce:

• Cheesecake Krakov
• Viennese Cheesecake (Vien)
• Layered cheesecake with poppy seed cake
• Cherry cheesecake
• Peach cheesecake
• Meringue cheesecake
• Cold cheese cake
• Carpathian Mountain cream cake (Karpatka)
• Napoleon cake
• Cappuccino cake
• Nut cake
• Rafaello
• W-Z
• Chocolate Toffee cake
• Whipped cream cake with fruit
• Whipped Cream cake with poppy seed
• Truffle cake
• Fruity Roll
• Nut roll
• Banana Dream cake
• Cream cake with plums
• Yummy Cake (Pysznotka)
• Caramel Cake
• Mandarin Cake
• Exotic cake
• Spring cake