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Pur Pur (Purple wheat) bread

Polish Village Bread Pur Pur (Purple wheat) bread 1A colourful variation of traditional wheat, Pur Pur, as its name suggests, has a striking purple colour which has given it a certain cache amongst artisanal bread lovers. Purported to originate from East Africa, Pur Pur is now mainly grown in Austria and Canada. Pur Pur gives bread a unique nutty, rather sweet and fairly robust flavour.  It is also gaining a reputation for its health benefits. Thanks to its colour, Pur Pur bread contains a high number of anti-oxidants known as flavonoids and anthocyanins. Usually found in fruits such as blueberries and red grapes, as well as tea and red wine, these antioxidants help to protect cells in the body against damage and inflammation from the free radicals that can lead to disease and aging. They also play a role in maintaining good eyesight and help to protect blood vessels. Pur pur bread also has a high protein content, which helps to keep blood sugar levels regular and so can help with a healthy eating plan designed to prevent weight gain.  

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