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Yeast free 100% Rye bread

Polish Village Bread Yeast free 100% Rye bread 1This Polish bread loaf is made with 100% rye flour - perfect for those wishing to avoid wheat flour and has a strong, distinctive flavour and moist texture. A staple in Poland, rye bread contains large amounts of fibre and very little fat. As a result, it helps to reduce cholesterol and does not create the high spikes in blood sugar associated with weight gain and insulin resistance that some other types of breads do. It also contains high amounts of magnesium that is important for maintaining a healthy heart. 

 This yeast free version is made with a sour dough starter, which is responsible for giving it that distinctive tangy taste. Generally speaking, sour dough rye can be sliced really thinly and tends to stay fresher for longer than its wheat-based counterparts, making it both healthy and economical. Rye bread is great eaten toasted, or used with pastrami or corned beef to make deli-style sandwiches.

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