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Yeast free Rye-Wheat bread

Polish Village Bread Yeast free Rye-Wheat bread 1We offer this variation of our 100% rye bread because some people prefer the lighter, chewier texture that results from mixing rye with other grains. There are still a lot of health benefits to be found in this yeast-free loaf, though, especially for people who are prone to developing yeast infections. Also known as candida albicans, yeast infections such as thrush and athlete’s foot are the result of an overgrowth of the naturally-occurring candida in our bodies. This problem can be exacerbated by eating foods containing baker's yeast. Our Polish Village naturally leavened rye-wheat loaf is made from a sour dough starter. Containing the healthy lactobacillus bacteria cultures often found in ‘live’ yoghurt, this loaf will aid digestion and help to control the candida bacteria responsible for candidiasis.

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