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Yeast free Wholegrain bread

Polish Village Bread Yeast free Wholegrain bread 1Doctors have long encouraged people to eat wholemeal bread for a number of reasons. Wholemeal flour contains more fibre than white flour, which not only helps to keep your digestive system in good working order, but is also absorbed more slowly by the body, leaving you feeling fuller for longer. This can help to prevent the high spikes in blood sugar associated with metabolic syndrome that can lead to diabetes, weight gain and cardiovascular disease.


Yeast free wholemeal bread is also more nutritious. The secret behind this surprising fact lies in the sourdough proofing process, which is slower and happens at a lower PH level to that of baker’s yeast. When combined with baking, this method creates enzymes that neutralise substances present in the dough known as phytins, which can actually prevent your body from absorbing the important vitamins and minerals found in the grain. The result: a tasty bread loaf packed with B vitamins and important minerals such as folic acid, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, copper and iron, all of which are bio-available, ready for your body to absorb. Need we say more?

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